Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Rose Tattoo Designs - meaning both in a single flower

Without doubt the rose is the flower of sweet offer worldwide. Would suspect that the popularity of the rose was associated with the romantic connotations that roses are in love. Any woman would be a bouquet of roses, or even a single rose from her lover, as a sign of their love and affection. The red rose in particular undoubtedly the most popular and the color is closely Legat cromanceasí sex. By others, rose in May or other symbolic meanings.

For example, indicates that in the folklore that Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite and Venus was the Roman equivalent, revered the red rose. The red rose has religious connections and is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. People who argue, is a vision of Mary, said that his appearance is always associated with the scent of roses.
If you think have a Cheeze Rose Tattoo design, but are unwilling or because the impact on the romantic, do not worry - I have many male boys wear a rose tattoo, often as a starting point for their loved ones. Some creative people have even increased in a multi-image, like a tattoo of a snake with a dagger embedded in a rose bush. English Roses
Here is a story for you! Learn WhyL'anglais is bellala a woman is oftenas "An English Rose"? Daheri, you have to do with slgunos writings of Shakespeare, in which he refers to the red rose and compares his love (woman) with a red rose in the line: "Oh, my love is like a red, red rose. "

 And they have a romantic connotation, and the rose is also a reflection of more aggressive, for example, the image of the roses are the symbol of the family, and two of England in the War of the famous family - che'ensembletion (thes icon is the red rose family) and York (diel, whose emblem consists of a white rose).
In addition to the deterioration of Great Britain is one of the leading political parties, the Labor Party, is symbolized by red roses.
Guns N 'Roses
Another use of the male pink tattoo means the design of 1980 for the rock band Guns N 'Roses, the members of the group were known for their music and lifestyle, despite all the tattoos cambia conduitrenoncer to the image of the Rose, but with tattoos weapons. As a result, many fans, both men and women, the band members to the tattoo with the image of a armasd roses.
 Rose Tattoo Designs - Choose your color wisely
The color pink is of significance and meaning, so that before a design, you must Laun color that best represents the symbolism of the tattoo.
* A Rose rougereprésente the choice of color and a classic Example of beauty, love, courage, passion and romance
* A red rose is a symbol of purity and beauty
* A red rose is the beauty of unconsciousness
* A gold rose is the realization
* A pink rose shows, friendship, gratitude, grace, joy and sweetness
* A pink rose symbolizes understanding and softness
* A white rose expresses sinlessness, innocence, peace, privacy, modesty, humility, charm and youth
* A yellow roses is joy, happiness, jealousy, or an apology
* A pink lavender fascinated
* The rose symbolizes the will of the coral
* A blue rose is impossible
* A Black Rose provides traditional mourning and death
 For those who consider unstile and Rose Tattoo, but I'm worried that the plan is not his real form or image, but only on some historical facts about the rose and feel great after as tattoo of a rose in the design

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