Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fatty in Ibiza...

I am sure some of you remember that about a month ago I embarked on a radical diet in order to get to my dream shape for my upcoming Ibiza hen do (not mine by the way), my 30th birthday and my wedding which is far away but it is never too soon to start.

By now I hoped to have a body like this....

Sadly I have failed as I love food and socialising far too much.

I often buy magazines on the basis that there is a miracle diet inside or that a Z-list celeb has lost three strone in a week on a bootcamp.

Well....I now have 22 days until Ibiza and I am going to embark in an almightly bootcamp....maybe I will call it the Hummingbird Bootcamp and offer it in the shop along with the vintage dresses and bridal services.

So....for the next 22 days as well as my normal witterings about all forms of fashion I will also be giving you a small update on my mission.

Tonight is my weigh in...this includes body fat and my metabolic age.....I am gutted that alcohol will be off the menu as I think I will need a large gin after the results!!

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