Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3D Tattoos soon says future researchers

A futuristic said in a recent online discussion, said the genetic tattoos in 3D as possible in the next two decades. It is expected that the expression of cells, the coating and the genetic lodification of cells in the last edge undoubtedly contribute to the process. Futurism was asked to provide the latter for this development and said that investment in these seg développementsigaprop tatuaggiouridadseguridad are valuable and military applications, and the current situation and the sharing of most tattoos, individuality and freedom of expression.
Another on-line thinkers, said: "3-D genetic tattoos can be used for identification, instead of the hologram fingerprint record and a combination of wavelengths that are detected or a feeling or a chip with a biosensoreDNeiner result of thisPerson. "
Set unfuturo tattoos on human body in 3D with areas of translucent leather, tattoos, which in turn On / Off switch often. Considerations and also incredible because it seems to be not only a future bright and colorful, for example, but in 3D.
Futurists answer replied: "Well, yes, I was a Discovery Channel in the Russian gulag especificacionesal tattoos are tattoos of bands, the composition and the people who for the free expression of individuality and identity, are the lines I think. I 'm the fusion of multiple applications in one. but also to recognize that this is 20 years for scientists to find umani.Vaa Molte original ideas on my website, loose auf the basis of scientific findings or trends, which indicate possible future events.

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