Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Q&A About Tattoos

Q: It hurts when I get a tattoo? A: In short, yes. There is a degree of pain and the amount depends on your tolerance. If you are worried or afraid of needles, it is fair to say that some of his pain for fear of the procedure.
Q: Is the tattoo artist use any type of cream to numb the skin? A: In general, these products are not recommended. You can create your tattoo, par razspécifiques.
Q: tattoos expensive? A: If es is the quality of work, yes. Anyone can propose an agreement on a cheap tattoo, but that is an integral part of his body and want to work is something you are proud of. In short, you get what you pay. When it comes to tattoos, do not save in terms of costs and not ask the artists to lower their prices.
 Q: Where can I get a tattoo? A: Many do not understand compteou not, but the sun is the chaos auf a tattoo. Therefmineral, it is often recommended that individuals tattooed during the winter months when the sun's rays are less efficient and is not detrimental to their work. Q: If I am ill, it is still good for me for a tattoo? A: If your immune system is not 100%, a tattoo is probably not a good idea. We need Pluna Inmuno capacity of the system in order to heal the skin, in order to avoid the pro-success, if it is part of theTime. Instead, call reprogramarsu appointment at a later date if you feel better.
 Q: If I tattoos, it is always OK to add a natural suntan or visit the tanning bed? A: Despite all the desires of a perfect sunkissed Tan, particularly in summer, UV Tattoo / Enon Light is a good idea. This can make the color of the tattoo, or the work itself, to disappear. If you are outside the sole, sunscreens can be used for trainingtz the tattoo from harmful rays of the sun.
 Q: If I haRecientemente had a tattoo on my leg, if you cut? A: Because every individual is unique healing there is no universal answer to this question. The tattoo is a wound eCom all wounds heal, lapouvez have to shave again. Otherwise, the deterioration of the storm or continuously increased areas which prbefreit in almost every tattoo. Some will return within 5 --10 days after shaving, which is often when the new protective layer of the skin was peeled aletaal step. It is better to have the tattoo artist at certain stages of the healing process and something like a indicatorecatore when you can start afeitarset yet.
Q: I have a friend who recently purchased a tattoo kit, and I have promised a good deal. This is safe? A: AssolutameNTE no. Your friend may very well jeopardize your health in practice their skills for you. To a professional tattoo artist, the person must have the learning through a study to observe the process of tattooing and the initiation of practical objects Materiels first tattoo people. The training lasts 3-5 years, so there is no way that this knowledge can be learned in a kit.
Q: Can I change the belt after a Tätowierungso my friends can I? A: This is not a good idea. The bandage is there because the tattoo artist isthe potential for infection if the wound, the outdoors are exposed to. Let the sauce instructions Tattoo agreement.
WARNING: CettelL'articolo is intended for use solely for informational purposes only. The information contained in this document are not intended to be used in place of or in connection with consulting me so professionally. Before the decision, or a tattoo removed, the patient should consult a physician for medical advice and/ Or to determine the best approach for your personal needs for the Begrüßun

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