Saturday, March 10, 2012

On Hiatus, Regretfully...

For all those loyal, long-time Tativille readers and for those others who are just now happening across this website for the first time (welcome!), it is with regret that I must announce that there will be few if any updates to Tativille through at least the beginning of October 2012. The primary though not exclusive reason for my anticipated inactivity is the extensive amount of time in the interim that I will be committing to my dissertation on the early films of Howard Hawks (including the marvelous Fig Leaves, 1926, pictured above, and the no less extraordinary The Dawn Patrol, 1930, featured below). Please consider this more a temporary leave of absence than a permanent departure, and until that time when again I have the opportunity to post with even a semblance of regularity, I would invite any and all of you to follow me on Twitter (Tativille_MJA) and to explore the by now vast archives of this site.

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