Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home Decorating Themes Part 4- Rustic Lodge

Lodge style decorating is inspired by a passion and appreciation for the great outdoors. This style dates back to the early 20th century, when a young architect by the name of Robert Reamer went to work designing one of the most impressive examples of American architecture to date. Reamer sourced materials from the surrounding area to construct the Old Faithful Inn, the nation's first and most famous national park lodge, located in Yellowstone National Park.

Reamer used volcanic rhyolite stone, quarried about 5 miles away from the inn, to build the massive 500 ton fireplace and chimney, which stretches to the top of the 65 foot high ceiling in the lobby. Huge lodgepole pine timbers and hewn logs are seen throughout the 700 foot long, seven-story high building. This rustic architecture style became known as "parkitecture," the inspiration for today's rustic and lodge decorating style.

storem mountain ranch house traditional living room

The majority of log homes in America today incorporate this design style with features like stone fireplaces and natural wood furnishings throughout the home. In addition, lodge style decorating embraces the natural flora and fauna found in the North American wilderness. Rustic furnishings made from deer and elk antlers are commonly seen in the form of chandeliers and lamps. Rawhide and leather are popular materials for things such as lampshades and upholstery.

Elk Horn Chandelier

In addition to the natural elements found in lodge style d├ęcor and furnishings, rustic metals such as wrought iron, cast-iron, steel, pewter and hammered copper are used in the construction of furnishings such as chandeliers, table and floor lamps, chairs, tables and beds. These metals can also be used as hardware on rustic wood furniture.

River Bend Ranch traditional kitchen

Native American art and culture also plays a significant role in this decorating style. Geometric designs and patterns are often used in fabrics, upholstery and other home textiles. Teepees, arrows, spears, peace pipes and other Native American artifacts are seen in lodge style decor.

Lost Creek traditional living room

Bear Tooth Chandelier

Lodge style decor can also be blended with more contemporary style furnishings. A careful balance of both decorating styles can result in a charming, rustic yet elegant look, similar to the transitional style achieved by blending traditional and contemporary design elements. 

Rustic Family Room eclectic family room
eclectic family room design by minneapolis general contractor John Kraemer & Sons

Embrace your passion and love for the great outdoors with a rustic, lodge style decorating theme. Please be sure to visit my Lodge, Western & Rustic department for custom-made rustic decor at deeply discounted prices. Here is a sneak preview of what you can find there:

Cheyenne Chandelier

Horseshoe Pendant Light

Spur Floor Lamp

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