Friday, February 24, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

So much has happened this past week that I don't know where  to begin sharing this blog.  The wonderful thing is that we were granted our electricity today because of Edwin once again speaking to the property owner next to us, convincing him we needed the pole put up on his property.  He agreed to let us do this.  Good job Edwin for your persistence.

The project is really starting to take shape and the 17 men are all working very hard.  A special thanks to our contractor John for overseeing all phases of construction, making sure his men are not cutting any corners in carrying out each task.   The bathroom and kitchen tiles are being installed, the outside rocks below each window are being painted and the rains have started to come to water the grass.  Edwin, Isaac and David located the grass to finish the roof on the hut so now we will be able to put up the mosquito screens and start using it for meetings.  With the electricity now in, the slate for the tiles can be cut and the floors completed before they start the compound wall.  We still will have to raise more money for the wall as the cost of cement has gone up significantly but we have a lot of faith that we will be able to do this.  We have come so far and the days can almost be counted now before moving day.

This is a back view of the main house.  The verandas and stairs are in and the stand for the three
1000 litre tanks has been put up.  The painting is yet to be done but we will surprise you when we
decide on the colours.

A full view of the compound.  The grass has been found for the top of the grass hut and will be
finished within a day or two.  Paver stones will be put in for the walkways and Barb's Lane leading
from the main street.  Over 10,000 have been made to cover all areas.

Edwin is painting the rock below the windows.  First a thick white is painted to separate the rock with
a black line running through the centre.  This was to be our job but seems I can't get there to fulfill my part.

The tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms are being laid

Laury and our little Hope sandpapering the children's bedrooms.  The coat of primer has been put
on and the two coats of paint will follow in the next few weeks.  All that will be left to do is the
paint on the outside of the house.

When Hope is not babysitting her siblings, she is helping us in the compound.

No shortage of help here........

Catarina, the kids loved your touques....even though it is hot here, they still all hoped to get one.
The nights are cool and for anyone who sleeps outside, they are a lifesaver.  All the kids say a huge
"Thanks" to you for your loving heart.

Thank you Rhys and Sebastian for helping to feed this family.  Rhys and Sebastian are 9 years and 11 years old.  They had opened their very first bank account and came to my door to give me $20.00 out
of each account for this food.  I want you to know that you made them so very happy and they told
me they will never forget you.  I don't think I ever saw them smile like this before.  Thanks so much to both of you.....

After I returned from the hospital, I came to my friends house to recuperate.  Outside my bedroom window was a market that went up in fire not too long before.  Many people lost everything....  I saw
what it was like for a community to come together.  My friends feed approximately 80-100 every night, with others coming together with donations   Long story short, enough money has been raised to build 28 families a new home.  Edwin and David have been in the plantation fields all day, gathering eucalyptus trees for poles for the structures.  Tomorrow, the men in the village will start stripping the wood and treating it in hopes to start building this next week.  My friends Pastor Jesse and his wife Bev have put up a large tarp to house 5 families and the rest are sleeping in what you see in this picture but they really need your prayer.  They have suffered so much and have no way to replace their businesses.

 Thanks to all of you who made special presents for us to bring to the people here.  Some of the things have not been given out because of circumstances but they will and we promise to take pictures.  You are such a blessing to us with your love and caring for this project.  The kids have been told that they will  have a home and you would not believe the change in them in such a short time.  They are so excited and we are proud to call ourselves a "team" who have made a difference in this world with our little ones.  You are a big part of that team.  Thanks once again and God bless you all.

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