Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello Uganda

What an amazing trip we had and it all went so smoothly.  We were so excited to get here to blog and show you the wonderful work the men have done in building the compound.  Edwin and his brothers did what they said...blindfolded me and led me in by hand, to then remove it and see the excitement on my face.  What a beautiful sight before my eyes.... a sight I will never forget.   We have tried to let everyone know for three days now but due to Ugandan technology we were unable to download the pictures.  We hope that we will be able to keep in better contact with you, but it has been a challenge.

We needed a pickup truck to haul all the luggage.

We were grateful and amazed that ALL the luggage made it.

Precious moments

Sight to behold

This is what they saw when we drove down Barb's Lane.....I was blindfolded

The community grass hut.  Our first event will be David and Maureen's wedding in a few days.

It's all in "black" and "white".  From the right is David, Laury, Isaac, Barb, Edwin and Marian

Laury teaching the kids to be kids playing ring around the rosy

Our two precious "Marians"

Edwin reading the B.C. Holstein News wishing he could thank all that donated for the wall personally.

Medical equipment from Canada was shared.  We learned that some of it isn't available in the Ugandan hospitals for example, the blood pressure cuff for children.

We will make our best effort to keep in touch and appreciate the prayers that are rolling in.

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