Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Window Boxes III and Giveaway Winner!!!

holiday polly wreford

Every year one of Willow Décor’s most popular holiday posts is Decorating Holiday Window Boxes. Even if your house does not have outdoor window boxes you can use store bought containers to bring the look inside. Here are some new favorites I have collected over the year.

holiday window box - 65 avenue

This first window box is beautiful, simple and inexpensive to create. Different pines and boxwood are easily in found out in your yard. Here the owner added blueberry branches and some glass icicle ornaments to add sparkle – Lovely!

holiday window boxes Martha Stewart

From decorator extraordinaire, Martha Stewart, what caught my eye most were the branch trellises she added to hold up the pine branches. What a creative touch which adds so much interest and texture, as well as a wonderful place to thread the bow!

holiday window box 65 avve

Another simple, beautiful collection of pines and pinecones. This would look as pretty on sideboard in your dining room or mantel as it does outside. Again very low cost to recreate.

holiday window boxes - container gardening

Something a bit easier to find for my southern readers; here moss, magnolia leaves and ornaments make a pretty holiday window box.


On of my favorite ideas comes from the Bachman Holiday house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here an old shutter creates an indoor window box filled with potted poinsettias and highlighted by a row of birch branches. Simply gorgeous! This is a spectacular mantle piece and would look fabulous in any home!

(holiday window boxes my home ideas

Another example of a more southern style here filled with pines, pineapples and citrus fruits. I adore these window boxes! To see more examples of great holiday window boxes read Willow Décor’s previous posts HERE and HERE

Tree skirt

Finally, congratulations to 3 Peanuts for winning the German Grainsack Tree Skirt!!! Please send your mailing address to and we will send out the tree skirt in time for Christmas!! A special thanks again to Kym of A Beautiful Mess! If you are not a winner you can still order wonderful items from Kym by contacting her at (805) 630-3727. Enjoy!!!

(Photo Credit: P. Wexford, Bellewood Gardens, 65 Avenue, Container Gardening, Martha Stewart, Bachman's, Home Ideas, Lu Tapp -A Beautiful Mess)

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