Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vintage or not to Vintage....that is the question....

So here I am...six weeks after getting engaged and I am already obbsessed....with wedding dresses!!

My biggest dilema however is not the length, style or even price but whether or not to go for a vintage dress over a new one.

See...the thing is that the boy is not a fan of vintage whereas I am addicted to the stuff. Normally I would wear whatever I wanted but this is the one time that I want the boy to look at me and think WOW and I am unsure a vintage dress would pull this reaction from him.

Then...if I do decided to go for a new dress do I still go for the vintage style as if I do this then I might as well get the real deal.

I have been looking around (as I am sure you can imagine) and I have to tell you one thing....vintage wedding dresses are BLOODY EXPENSIVE. I am talking £2,000 minimum for a good one. WOW!!

Don't get me wrong if I had the money I would do it but how many of us really have that much money to spend on a dress.....apart from the likes of Kate Moss whose dress I almost wept over!!

So that is my dilemma....if I go vintage the boy probably wont like it and if I don't then I feel that I am not being true to myself....can someone please help!!

Rant are my favourite dresses so far (vintage and not)....and I have looked at a lot!!

Swoon...Jenny Packham

...another Jenny Packham from last season (these are available 2nd hand for great prices)

Possibly my favourite from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

Gorgeous vintage gown found online

Amazing dress from BHLDN...I love how you can se the totally fabulous shoes..

...another BHLDN beauty.

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